Tips to Help You Avoid Duct Cleaning Scams in Houston

Air Duct Cleaning Service

Air duct cleaning is essential to maintaining exceptional air quality in your home. However, like many other services, this industry is also vulnerable to scams. You’ll notice many cleaning services in your area, but how do you know if they are reliable? We have a few tips to help you avoid scams!

Verifying Credentials

Once you choose the duct service company you want, the next step is to certify their credentials. You have the right to see their license and insurance details and get the credentials verified by the issuing companies. A legitimate air duct cleaning company in Houston will have no issues providing you with these documents. This process helps you avoid falling for scams and ensures you’re hiring from a reputable duct cleaning service! 

Dive Into Research

Another way to avoid fraud is to conduct proper research about the company offering the services. Go to reliable websites such as Google Reviews or the Better Business Bureau and read detailed comments mentioning the service quality and professionalism. This way, you can check customer feedback and filter out the trustworthy services.

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Beware of Excessively Low Prices

We’re all looking for the best prices available for any service we wish to achieve. While it’s great to get a good bargain, don’t fall for extremely low prices, especially when it comes to cleaning services. Compare different service providers to get an idea of the market rates.

Some services offer low prices, but you have to be careful. These companies usually lure you in with initial low prices, but they have multiple hidden fees that can increase the overall cost exponentially. Always be wary of low-priced promises because they are almost always too good to be true.

Learn About Their Process

When you know the entire cleaning process for the air duct, there’s less chance of others scamming you or getting away with it. Before reaching out and learning the process the company has set for its services, understand the duct cleaning process to make sound judgments. 

Once you understand clearly, contact the company you’ve shortlisted and ask them to walk you through their procedure. An experienced and legit company will always be very thorough with its process and run duct inspections before it begins the work. So, if a company offers you cleaning services without any inspection, you must step out of that arrangement.

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Seek Written Contracts

You should always consider getting written contracts from the company cleaning the air duct. Why? Well, this will help you get the lay of the land. The contracts will include details about the process, the scope of work, what it will cost you, indemnity in case of loss, and many more details. Written contracts can be upheld in case there is a legal challenge where the company does not fulfill its obligations. With the contract, you will have a strong case against them if things go south. 

Check for Insurance

While doing your due diligence to ensure the credentials of the air duct cleaning company are essential, you should also check their insurance details. A legitimate business will always be insured for the off chance that something goes wrong at some point. Since duct cleaning isn’t a simple task, you shouldn’t opt for companies with no liability insurance. 

Rely on References

One thing that’s for sure is that references matter when deciding to use any service. Previous customers have first-hand experience with the company and are most likely to provide honest reviews. Once you’ve selected the company, always seek out prior customers to understand the quality of work offered. It’ll give you a clearer picture and help you make your decision faster. 

Trustworthy Air Duct Cleaning Service?

Air duct cleaning is an essential aspect of home maintenance. While it might sound like a simple task, you need to be diligent when selecting a company for this service. 

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