Signs Your Dryer Vent Needs Immediate Cleaning

dryer vent cleaning

The dryer vent is a vital household appliance. It brings a lot of convenience to laundry chores. Just like other machinery, regular maintenance and dryer vent cleaning for optimal functionality is needed. Unfortunately, a dryer vent is often an overlooked appliance. We do not pay attention to its cleanliness until a mishap happens. Do you know a huge number of fire breakout accidents happen every year due to dirty dryer vents? Therefore, it is very important to keep them clean and well-maintained.

Today, we will discuss a few signs your dryer vent needs immediate cleaning. Let’s dive in:

Longer Drying Times

An increase in drying time is one of the most obvious signs of an unclean dryer vent. If your dryer takes longer than usual, something is amiss. Lint and debris accumulation create a blockage and restrict the airflow. It makes it harder for the clothes to dry. This prolonged drying process is a waste of your time and energy bills.

Excessive Lint Buildup in the Lint Trap

After every load of laundry, if you notice the lint trap is loaded, it is a clear indication that your vent needs immediate cleaning. The lint trap is designed to trap lint. If too much lint is bypassing, it means it is dirty and needs to be cleaned by professionals.

Hot Dryer or Laundry Room

Is your dryer vent exterior getting hotter than usual after every circle? It could be due to clogged vents. A clogged vent restricts the airflow and puts a strain on the dryer. This strain leads to premature dryer vent replacement and can also result in fire hazards. Overheat dryer vents should not be ignored. It can lead to dangerous consequences.

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Burning Smell

Did you notice a burning odor coming from a running dryer? It is a warning sign. Lint is a flammable material. When it accumulates in the vent, it can catch fire from the heat generated by the dryer. If you notice a burning smell, do not use it until you get it inspected and cleaned by professionals.

Excessive Lint Around the Dryer

A little amount of lint around the dryer is normal. If you notice an excessive amount of lint accumulated around the dryer, it indicates that the dryer vent is clogged and needs immediate dryer vent cleaning services. Negating this issue for a long time can lead to serious hazards like fire breakouts.

Moldy Smell

Sometimes, a musty odor comes from a dryer vent. It is due to the presence of lint and mold growth. The moisture in the dryer pipes creates an environment for mold growth, which is very harmful to your health. Therefore, if you notice such a nasty smell, seek professional assistance.

Fluctuating Dryer Temperatures

If your dryer vent temperature is inconsistent, it is a clear indication of clogged vents. The blockage disrupts the air circulation and makes it difficult for the dryer to maintain temperature. In fact, an overheated dryer can pose a fire risk, or sometimes it may not generate enough heat to completely dry clothes.

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